Brantview Apples & Cider

Locally Grown

Our roots dig deep, starting in 1821

2015 sweet cider award winners


The orchard has been in production for almost 200 years, harvesting the land and supplying quality apples, cider and baked goods. Today we operate in making the best tasting apples, with up to 20 varieties a season we are confident that you will find your favourite! 

In addition to the apples, visiting customers will enjoy a tractor ride through our orchard, be able to pick their own apples and even have a chance to find their way out of our 8-acre corn maze.

We feel that it is important to show our customers where and how their food is produced,  eating locally helps sustain our orchard. Thank you for your business!


please contact to organize a school tour!



(519) 448-1323


225 Howell Rd, St. George, ON.



seasonally (sept - oct)

Mon-Sat:          9 am – 6 pm
Sun:                  9 am – 5 pm

post harvest (nov - dec)

Sat:            10 am - 4pm

           winter (jan-mar)

Sat:                 10am - 4pm

spring and summer (apr-aug)

Sat:                   10am - 4pm

























All products are sold at the farm and markets.




TUESDAY - east york farmers market

(sept - oct)


WEDNESDAY - nathan phillips sqaure

(sept - oct)


FRIDAY - burlington mall

(sept - oct)


SATURDAY - guelph farmers market

year round


THURSDAY - metro hall

(sept - oct)


brantview events pavillion

Thank you for your interest in having an event here at Brantview! We are currently booking into 2020 & 2021.

For more details and information please contact us at

Instagram: brantvieweventspavilion

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Since 1947, Brantview has been subscribed to an Integrated Pest Management system in our orchard. This consists a count of every insect, pest that might cause harm to the production of the apple in our orchard every week.  We are given a listing of the various pests that would be flying in the orchard at any given time in the growing season. We work on a population threshold level. Each pest has its own level. If is passes its own threshold, we control the pest. If the population stays under its threshold, we hold off in the hope that the target pest will become beneficial predator later in the season.

A good example of this is the Mullein Bug. This pest flies early in the growing season and will sting the young fruit-lets leaving a small rusted spot on the skin. In most cases, the fruit will grow around the sting and the apple will be put into juice. This pest later in the season will help control more direct pests such as apple maggot.

We are also using alternate methods to control apple pests. We have twist ties that are impregnated with female pheromone of the Oriental Fruit Moth. These ties are placed in the trees and the pheromone is released over the growing season. The male OFM flies into the orchard in search of the female only to find a twist tie. He either dies or leaves, thus ending the life cycle of the destructive pest.

We hope you learned something new on the production of our produce, we try our best to refrain from spraying with pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Our crop and have been successfully under the bottom 5% in the province for pesticide use including organic.


Visit Ontario's Ministry of Agriculture for detailed information on the IPM program.